DIY dental disaster as woman left in intense pain

Leanne Vickers Dransfield
Leanne Vickers Dransfield

A Scarborough mum was left to resort to DIY dental work after being left in agonising pain and has now lost two teeth.

Leanne Vickers-Dransfield, 32, of Rowan Close, passed out on the bathroom floor after bursting an abscess in her mouth in a desperate attempt to relieve the pain she had suffered for over a month.

Leanne Vickers Dransfield recovers after a terrible dental experience.pic Richard Ponter 161510b

Leanne Vickers Dransfield recovers after a terrible dental experience.pic Richard Ponter 161510b

The problems began on Pancake Day when Leanne had two fillings replaced by her dentist at Corner House Surgery, Columbus Ravine.

She said: “Afterwards it just didn’t feel right. I had pain in my jaw and my face was swollen.

“I got a referral for an X-ray, which took a while, and I was given anti-inflammatories.”

However, the pain got so bad that Leanne called the out-of -hours service on April 10 and was told to go to A&E as it may be an abscess.

She was sent home with tramadol but, still in agonising pain, Leanne decided to matters into her own hands – and ended up passing out.

She has since been back to the dentist and was told she will lose the tooth, but has since lost two teeth due to the abscess.

Leanne said: “I just don’t think it’s acceptable. You hear of so many people that have had to go through this kind of thing in Scarborough. My own dentist is great, I have faith in her, but I think there are issues at other levels. The whole system needs looking at.”

In 2004 the town was thrown into the national spotlight as 300 people queued to sign up with an NHS dentist.

Corner House Surgery provides urgent care during opening hours, as all dental surgeries do. Out of hours the emergency care service falls to the NHS 111 when pain killers are not enough to ease any pain or swelling.

A spokesperson from NHS England said: “Whilst we cannot talk about individual cases, it is regrettable when patients feel they need to take action such as this. We are committed to ensuring patients have access to the best possible dental care and we will be working with the services involved to determine what happened in this case.”