Doctor racially abused while trying to treat drunk patient

The incident happened at Scarborough Hospital's Accident and Emergency department
The incident happened at Scarborough Hospital's Accident and Emergency department

A couple hurled abuse and racial slurs at Scarborough doctors and threw a handbag at staff as they attempted to treat the woman.

Daniel Howe, 29, used racial slurs about a doctor attempting to treat his girlfriend, Louise Tomlinson, who was taken to Scarborough Hospital by ambulance.

Tomlinson, 24, screamed and swore at medical staff and refused treatment by the doctor, even throwing her handbag at one of his colleagues.

Colette Dixon, prosecuting, said: “He [the doctor] described how he was trying to treat her, she was repeatedly abusive towards him and other medical staff.”

While Howe, who lives with Tomlinson in Marshall Avenue, was also abusive and repeated a racial slur about the doctor attempting to treat his partner.

The court heard the doctor’s statement which said the abuse went “well beyond” what he has come to accept as normal in his role.

The Bridlington couple arrived at Scarborough Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department at around 5am on Saturday July 1. By 5.37am, medical staff called the police and the aggressive couple were arrested. They pleaded guilty to the offences .

Defending, Scott Mclaughlin said the catalyst of the incident was Tomlinson’s fear of needles and she panicked when they attempted to take a blood sample.

He said: “She deeply regrets it. She doesn’t think she had that much to drink, she speculates whether someone had spiked her drink.”

While Howe used the racial slur twice, Mclaughlin said Howe had jumped to his partner’s defence and it was “noble spirited” although misplaced.

Chairman of the bench, David Chambers said: “You’ve shown some remorse but you will be aware when people go to hospital the medical staff do not deserve abuse.”

Tomlinson was fined £80 and ordered to pay a surcharge of £30. Howe was fined £270, order to pay a surcharge of £30 and costs of £85 as well as paying compensation to the doctor of £50.