Doctors in the News? Options open for surgery

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Two potential sites have been identified for a new supersurgery following the merger of Peasholm and Claremont.

The Scarborough News building in Aberdeen Walk and the Rymer Schorah store in North Marine Road have both been visited by a delegation from the new super surgery as it looks for a town centre location.

Peasholm Surgery and Claremont Surgery merged at the beginning of January, leading to a patient list for the new surgery of more than 9,000 people.

Claremont has shut its doors with Peasholm taking on four doctors from the surgery and extending its opening hours to 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday to deal with the extra demand.

Dr Douglas Moederle-Lumb from Peasholm Surgery told The Scarborough News last month that the surgery was now looking for locations closer to the town centre than Peasholm’s current Tennyson Avenue base and confirmed he had viewed the two locations.

He said: “I can confirm that [the Scarborough News and Rymer Schorah] are locations we have looked at.
I am not in a position to say if we have a preferred choice at this time but the buildings are in the right area as far as we are concerned.

“It will be NHS England and the local NHS who will be funding the move and at the moment they have told me that there is no money available, but I am not taking no for an answer, I will be keeping on at them.

“We need somewhere closer to the town centre for the residents of Castle Ward who have joined the surgery after the merger.

“It is my goal to find a new premises that will allow us to offer the best possible service to our patients.”

Rymer Schorah will soon be closing its doors after more than 43 years in the town.

All remaining stock is being sold off before the store 
officially ceases trading.

The Scarborough News is moving later this year to a new home in Hopper Hill Road in Eastfield.