Doddy on way back to Futurist

Ken Dodd.. tickled to be coming back here
Ken Dodd.. tickled to be coming back here

KEN DODD has been booked to return to Scarborough – in his 85th year.

Retirement is clearly a dirty word for the veteran comedian, who is scheduled to perform at the Futurist Theatre on Saturday August 25.

While many of his contemporaries are either taking it easy in their dotage or have moved on to the great theatre in the sky, Dodd has committed to several shows a month this year.

And as the countless thousands of people who have seen his shows can testify, they are marathons, often running way past midnight, with Dodd making quips about the doors being locked as people trickle out before the end.

Dodd, 84, is famous for his frizzy hair, or “fluffdom” as he calls it, and buck teeth or “denchers”, his feather duster (or “tickling stick”) and his greeting “How tickled I am!”

He has performed at the Futurist dozens of times during a long career which began in 1954 at the now-demolished Nottingham Empire. Before the decade was out, he was topping the bill at Blackpool.

He has a phenomenal memory for jokes and specialises in quickfire one-liners that often feature sexual innuendo which flies over children’s heads.

Tickets for his Futurist show go on sale tomorrow.