Dog dumped from car and wished ‘good luck’

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A DOG was shoved out of the door of a moving car in Scarborough and left to be cared for by-passers.

The owners shouted ‘Good luck’ to the confused animal, which is now being looked after at Cliff Top Boarding Kennels in Burniston.

“What happened is quite appalling really. She’s a lovely dog with a super, friendly character,” said Suzanna Douglass, who works at the kennels,

Staff have named the two-year-old cross-breed dog Ruby, and say she has a warm temperament.

They were told that someone pushed the dog out of their car onto the pavement in Royal Avenue, South Cliff, and shouted “Good luck” at two people who were walking past.

Suzanna added: “She was disorientated at first but she was soon wagging her tail again.”

The RSPCA is now hoping that anyone with information about the dog or its owners will come forward.

Geoff Edmond, RSPCA inspector for Scarborough, said: “This is obviously of great concern to us. If we could find out some more details, such as a vehicle registration number, it would help us investigate it.

“We also need to think about what could have happened if this dog hadn’t been picked up by members of the public.”

Mr Edmond confirmed that the incident had been reported to the RSPCA and Scarborough Council’s dog warden, who were hoping to investigate further.

He said: “It can be very difficult to trace a dog’s owner if the animal is not microchipped, so we would always encourage people to do this.”

Staff at the kennels are now hoping that Ruby will be able to find a new home, though they say they’ll be sorry to see her go.

Miss Douglass said: “She’s quite a big dog and is fairly lively, so she would need an owner who could take her on lots of walks.

“We’ve grown very fond of her and would love to see her go to a good home.”

If you could offer Ruby a home please call Cliff Top Boarding Kennels on (01723) 870456.

If you have any information which could help with the RSPCA investigation please call 0300 1234 999.