Dog swimming out to sea rescued by off duty Scarborough RNLI crew member

Matt Jones. PIC: RNLI
Matt Jones. PIC: RNLI

An old dog was rescued by an off-duty Scarborough RNLI crew member.

The black Labrador had been taken for a walk on North Bay and was swimming out to sea on Monday.

Matt Jones, a volunteer on the inshore and offshore lifeboats, was just about to start a surf lesson with some children when the dog owner came running along the beach in a panic.

“He explained the dog was quite old but enjoyed the water”, said Matt. “It appeared to be swimming out to sea near Mascus Rocks. I told my colleague to call 999 and ask for the coastguard just in case it kept going.

“I then paddled out on a foamie surfboard to assist it. As I got near, it started to submerge and swallow water. I managed to get hold of it by the neck and paddle back to shore. Then I had to use a surfboard leash so the owner could walk it home”.

Matt’s swift reactions were appreciated by the lucky dog’s grateful owner.

“The chap came back down to the beach yesterday (Wednesday) to say thank you”, said Matt, who runs Coastal Concepts, a company specialising in water-safety training and education and surf coaching programmes. Matt was previously an RNLI lifeguard supervisor.

The inshore lifeboat was launched to assist but wasn’t needed.

It was the second on Monday that the coastguard requested the RNLI’s help. Earlier on, the lifeboat was asked to help the coastguard and police with a search for a missing person who was thought to be between Hayburn Wyke and Cloughton.