Don’t forget the First World War heroes

I went to the Garden of Remembrance in Alma Square to pay my respects. Frankly I was disappointed. Yes, there were crosses for all the modern civilian and military, also the recent troubles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea etc. But what about the people that November 11 was originally intended for?

Please don’t forget those brave lads and lasses who gave their lives. Remember there are many friends and families living today with relatives who were killed in that conflict, where can we show our feelings?

OK we buy poppies, but my grandfather was killed on the Somme along with many other fathers, sons, grandfathers and others.

We would like to see a cross along with all those in the Garden of Remembrance, we can then leave our memorial.

Surely the British Legion hasn’t forgotten?

Ken Eastwood (Sergeant ex-RAOC)

Quarry Mount