Donate your stamps please!

Although much of the mail we all receive these days is franked rather than stamped like it all used to be many years ago, yet there are still two occasions every year when we receive more stamps than usual on the letters we receive, for our birthdays and at Christmas.

Christmas of course is the time when we receive most of our stamps, and although our usual kind-hearted team of contributors need no reminding, those who have not collected stamps in the past and may consider doing so in the future, could they please be aware to cut or tear these stamps from the envelopes of the Christmas cards they receive, and please leave around half an inch of envelope border around each stamp. Please we urge you, do not throw something away when this can benefit such a worthwhile charity, as the one we are supporting.

Please be aware the stamps can be deposited in the many collection boxes that there are in various locations around Filey and Scarborough and you can always deliver or post them to us: Jean and Robert Dyson, 1 Langsett Avenue, Wharfedale, Filey, North Yorkshire, YO14 0DF.

We offer our sincere and grateful thanks to all of those who contribute, not only their own used postage stamps, but for the ones they kindly collect from others, all for the benefit of the current charity we support, The Yorkshire Air Ambulance, these contributors will be pleased to learn that their efforts this year have resulted in our largest ever collection of used postage stamps since we first began collecting.

These large numbers of stamps collected take up much more of our time than they ever used to, that we do not have the time to thank all contributors individually, or to make and send Christmas cards to you all, due to your sterling efforts in making our campaign so successful as it has now become, we don’t mind the extra work and would welcome more as long as you all understand we are kept so busy with this increased throughput, that we cannot express our thanks as often as we once did.

Therefore we are taking this opportunity to thank all current and future contributors, and also members of our very hard working stamp trimming team Joyce Tingle and Nancy Rycroft of Scarborough, and Michael Butt of Filey, and we wish all of you and your families the happiest of Christmases and every good wish for this coming New Year.

Jean and Robert Dyson

Langsett Avenue