Dramatic climbdown over water park

Water park
Water park

The operator of the proposed multi-million pound North Bay water park has made a dramatic climbdown to appease neighbours of the development who were objecting to its opening hours.

More than a dozen members of the public turned out to speak up against the application at the Town Hall.

Double that number again were sat in the public gallery to watch over the proceedings.

Alpamare UK Ltd was asking the council to play live and recorded music, as well as serving alcohol, until 2am six times a year and closing until 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

However, at the start of the meeting the applicant’s solicitor, Richard Taylor, said that it was changing the application to a 10pm closing seven nights a week, with no licensable activities taking place outside.

Mr Taylor said: “We are not here to cause difficulties. We are here to provide a great attraction for Scarborough.”

He added: “The licence is important, but it is more important to us that this water park opens and it is up to us to show we are good and conscientious neighbours.”

The committee heard that 316 objections were submitted against the licence application, with just one letter of support received.

Whilst the neighbours welcomed the changes proposed by Alpamare they still had a number of concerns about the noise levels the venue would produce.

These levels would be monitored by Environmental Health and an acoustic monitoring device will be fitted in the water park.

North Bay councillor Subash Sharma said he “had no objection to anything legal that happens in the building” but was concerned about the impact on neighbours from what happens when people leave.

He said: “Car headlights will shine in peoples windows from those leaving the car park, as well as their voices and sound of engines.”

Local resident Ruth James added: “Acoustics in North Bay are strange, sound bounces around.

“I am also concerned about alcohol and safety and although people go abroad and sit by the pool and have some drinks that is different at a water park.

“You need to be a little more on the ball.”

Alpamare said drinks are not allowed in the pool area and drink will not be served in glassware anywhere on the attraction,