Driver’s road abuse plea

Mobility scooter man Peter Caulkwell.Picture Richard Ponter 132737a
Mobility scooter man Peter Caulkwell.Picture Richard Ponter 132737a

A mobility scooter driver is urging motorists in Scarborough to execute more courtesy on the roads after a barrage of constant abuse on the highways.

Peter Caulkwell, of Woodlands, says he faces a daily tirade of swearing and horn blowing when he drives his road legal mobility scooter in the town.

In a bid to make the roads safer for him and other mobility scooters users, the 57-year-old is looking to raise awareness of the highway code, which states mobility scooters with an upper speed limit eight miles per hour are permitted to be used on the road.

Mr Caulkwell, who has been left unable to drive a car due to arthritis in his hips, back and wrist, said: “Its ridiculous the abuse I get, and the things I get shouted at me.

“I have to go out on a daily basis as my wife is unwell and I have to do the shopping. Just today I have had four cars beeping at me while on my way into town.

“I think drivers need to be made aware that I have every right to be on the road. My scooter is taxed and insured, and I was a car driver before I became disable so I am well aware of and follow the laws of the road.”

Confirming Mr Caulkwell’s road rights, a spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “The Highway Code sets out the rules for mobility scooters users who are entitled to travel on the road and the pavement.

“All road users should follow the code and show courtesy and patience to ensure the safety of everyone including pedestrians, mobility scooters, cycles, horses, motorbikes and vehicles.

“Mobility scooters must not be used on motorways and shouldn’t be used on dual carriageways with a 50mph speed limit or more.”

Mr Caulkwell, a retired horticultural engineer added: “I don’t think people realise how terrifying it can be.

“It is very frightening and it scares me to death when there’s a big wagon right behind me blowing on its horn.”

The highway code states mobility scooter drivers should take care travelling on the roads as they my be travelling slower than other traffic.