Drunken man falls in to care home garden

A man who fell into the backyard of a care home and got trapped while walking home drunk has appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

Andrew Blake, 34, of Alga Terrace, South Cliff, denied breaching his bail conditions, which state he must live and sleep at his home address.

He was found by police in the rear yard of Normanby House, Belgrave Terrace, at 11.45pm on October 25.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting, said that police were called to the home by a night manager, who was upset and shaken by what had happened.

She said: “Blake was laughing at the situation and making noise. Police found him stood on top of a wheelie bin and asked him what he was doing in the yard.

“He told them he’d fallen in. He was drunk, unsteady on his feet and slurring his words.”

Mrs Varlow added that he’d told police he had been staying with friends at Alga Terrace, but had been kicked out for being drunk.

Therefore she argued that Blake was in breach of the residence part of his bail conditions.

Caroline Wyatt, mitigating, said that her client had not been thrown out, but had been drinking in Barrowcliff and was walking home to South Cliff.

Under oath, Blake told the court that he had been on his way home, but had got lost as he has recently moved from Harrogate.

He added that he didn’t tell police he’d been thrown out, but said something like “I hope I don’t get thrown out”.

Miss Wyatt asked magistrates to find the breach not proven, arguing that there was no curfew attached to his bail and that he was on his way home.

Magistrates agreed that he was not in breach and released Blake on the same bail conditions. Chairman Mike Dineen told Blake he had “sailed a bit close to the wind”.