Eastfield councillor leaves Lib Dems in fall out over policy

Cllr Brian Simpson
Cllr Brian Simpson

A Scarborough councillor has announced his decision to leave the Liberal Democrat Party.

Eastfield Councillor Brian Simpson will now sit on both Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council with no affiliation to any political party or Council group following his departure from the Lib Dems.

He says his decision to move to independant stance took time to make, and was based on feelings surrounding national party policy.

Councillor Simpson said: “This has been a difficult decision to make and I have spent the last few months thinking about it. I had become increasingly at odds with the direction of the party nationally in its role in the Coalition Government. I could no longer remain a member of a party which in my view is allowing the bulk of the austerity measures to fall on the people least able to cope with them.”

Cllr Simpson says he will continue to represent Eastfield and Osgodby and intends to stand in next year’s County Council elections under his own name with no affiliations.

Following his move there is now only two Liberal Democrat councillors on Scarborough Council; Geoffrey Evans and Johan Zegstroo.