A year in life of the college

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BONNY Hodge is clear in her desire to improve students’ potential at Yorkshire Coast College.

Having taken the helm from interim principal Carole Kitching in January 2010, Ms Hodge has worked hard to boost the prospects of the college’s 5,000 students by augmenting apprenticeship partnerships and working more closely with the community.

She said her time in the role had already borne great benefits and was anxious to add to them in the coming months.

She said: “Taking up the role of principal has certainly been a challenging and activity packed time.

“There have been many good things have been taking place at the college, with improvements ranging from better buildings to the continuing improvement to quality.

“Expectation is one aspect of any significant change and is something that can sometimes be exceeded or sometimes not met.

“However, overall, I would say that expectations have been met and in a range of ways exceeded.”

The college has seen a rise in community and business-orientated schemes and is constantly working to boost relationships with partners to help youngsters with their studies.

Ms Hodge said this aspect had proved incredibly successful providing the catalyst for students to experience a richer education experience.

She also thanked people in the town for their invaluable assistance.

She said: “The community of Scarborough have played a vital part in exceeding my expectations of how the work of the college can move forward.

“Working in partnerships has certainly been a theme and continued thread running through the past year.

“Meeting people who know a lot or not very much about the college has enabled some specific community initiatives and hopefully allowed me to add an education and training influence in a variety of settings.

“I have been most fortunate and am grateful to a number of people who have assisted this process.

“I am truly heartened by the passion and commitment people have for Scarborough – in the private sector, public sector and even from people who have reportedly retired.

“This drive propels a need and desire to do the very best and in many ways exceed their expectations.

“There are many things that can happen over the space of one year and an ability to change direction, respond to directives, meet challenges are certainly skills that the staff at the college have demonstrated in the most supportive and constructive manner.

“Working alongside committed professionals who are proud of their role and the organisation for which they work is always pleasing and is appreciated.

“Becoming part of the community is essential to the role in as much as a College should exist to serve the needs of the community.

“It should be led by local and national - and in some cases - international economic conditions and cannot be successful by working in isolation.”

And with the first year culminating in a hugely successful ending, Ms Hodge said plans were already afoot to build on that progress, adding she has settled into life in her new Scarborough surroundings with aplomb.

She added: “As we move into Spring and the landscape changes, it is good to reflect on the past year and mull over those things that have gone well, those things that could have been better and those things that are still left to do.

“It is a time to look forward and see that expectations have certainly been exceeded and hopefully that will continue to be the case.

“Moving to a new location and taking up a different role evokes a range of emotions, practical planning.

“Making practical living arrangements is a good starting point – and choosing to live in the beautiful South Cliff area has been a good choice.

“Its range of architecture that showcases the Victorian era and being able to simply stare out to sea have been particular advantages.”