Ahoy there for lifeguard safety talk

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A GROUP of Scarborough school children have promised to stay safe on the beach this summer after a visit from local lifeguards.

Youngsters from St Peter’s Primary School were given a talk by RNLI Area Lifeguard supervisor Matt Jones and Coastguard Rescue officer Mark Jenkinson.

The pupils in Year One and Two, learnt about beach safety through demonstrations of equipment used by Lifeguards and the Coastguard.

Mr Jenkinson said: “We visited the school to give the children some information about what the lifeguards and the coastguard do.

“We wanted to create an awareness of who we are, what we look like in our gear, and show them some of our gear as well as giving demonstrations of what we do.

“At that age most of them haven’t come across us before so it is important that they are aware of us, and of the safety aspects involved when they are out on the beach.

“Especially with summer coming up it is important they know how to recognise flags and know where they can and can’t swim, and also who to turn to if they get in trouble.”

Mr Jenkinson said the youngsters from St Peter’s were all very good and listened well. He said: “The children were all excellent. They paid attention to the demonstrations and asked all the right questions.”