Children get crafty building bird boxes

Overdale school children make bird boxes
Overdale school children make bird boxes

BIRDS in Eastfield are enjoying new homes thanks to pupils at Overdale School and their bird box making skills.

Youngsters at the Hawthorn Walk school spent a morning making bird boxes after 25 bird box kits were donated to Overdale from Scarborough Parks and Gardens, sponsored by the Co-operative.

With the help of the school council and Buddies, and helpers from the Parks and Gardens Department and Osgodby in Bloom, pupils successfully made a collection of new bird boxes.

The children worked in teams of four, aged between four and 11 years, to make their boxes, which they took home for their gardens.

Julie Dixon, personal development and well being leader at Overdale School, said: “It was a very noisy but fun morning and it was lovely to see the childrens faces when they realised they could take the boxes home for free to put up in their gardens to monitor the local wildlife.

“The school already has a close working relationship with Osgodby in Bloom and it was nice to invite them in to work on a lovely project together.”