Driffield based vet gives his view on bird flu outbreak

nigel horrox
nigel horrox

There has been an outbreak of bird flu on a British duck breeding farm at Nafferton.

Nigel Horrox BA, BVM&S, MRCVS, FRSPH, a Driffield based poultry veterinarian and Vice President of WVPA (World Veterinary Poultry Association), said: “The news that broke late Sunday evening of a case of avian influenza on a poultry farm in Nafferton, East Yorkshire is disappointing news for British poultry farmers, but they and the British public should be reassured that this situation was identified early and that measures to contain the virus to the farm it was found on were promptly initiated by Defra.

“Defra’s veterinarians, scientists and staff are respected around the world for their abilities, capabilities and competences in exotic disease control – as a country we are fortunate to have such a professional team in this area of expertise.

He explained: ““Defra have already indicated that the avian influenza virus type involved is NOT the highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza known as H5N1 and so it is likely to be a relatively less significant strain of the virus.

“Even so, it is best to eradicate this virus from our commercial poultry and retain a status of freedom from avian influenza in our national poultry flock.

“It is worrying that some parties are now trying to sensationalise this news and already technically incorrect information is appearing in some quarters of the national/international press.

“At this point in time, it is best to leave this matter in Defra’s capable hands and hope that the good news of their success in eradicating this small pocket of avian influenza will soon be forthcoming”.


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