Glorious A-day for students

SCARBOROUGH students are basking in GCSE glory after achieving outstanding results.

Scalby School was the town’s top performing school for the second consecutive year, after 96 per cent of students gained five or more A* to C grades.

The school, in Fieldstead Crescent, also saw 66 per cent of students pick up five of more A* to C marks, including English and maths.

Headteacher David Read said he was thrilled the school had maintained its recent resurgence.

He said: “We have continued the trend of outstanding achievement and these excellent results are a consolidation of the hard work during the last two years.

“We are now on a different level in terms of our results and the atmosphere around the school is so positive.

“What is also pleasing is that 95 per cent of students achieved two A* to C grades in science.

“A particular focus for us this year has been pushing students to achieve the highest grades and we are very pleased that 49 per cent achieved three A* to A grades and 37 per cent achieved five A* to A grades.

“Over the last three years we have exceeded our performance targets achieving outstanding results and we are looking to improve further in the future.”

“These superb results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students and staff and we would also like to thank the parents and governors for their contribution to our ongoing success.”

George Pindar Community Sports College, in Eastfield, saw its headline result slip slightly from last year, but still saw 88 per cent of students achieve five A or more A* to C grades.

The school, in Moor Lane, also had 47 per cent of students with passes in five or more A* to C grades, complete with English and maths – which was a minor increase on the previous year’s figures.

Headteacher John Senior said the results showed the school was making good progress.

He said: “We are very satisfied our results reflect the hard work that has been done by the staff and students and the support given by parents and carers.

“They also confirm that the improvements we have made are securely embedded within the school.

“The 47 per cent result confirms we are no longer a National Challenge School and we expect official confirmation of that in the next few days.

“While the 88 per cent figure is not as strong as in the last two years, we are increasingly confident that our students are leaving us with the appropriate qualifications to make their next steps in life.

“It is important for everyone to bear in mind that secondary school is only part of the educational journey for most young people and that we have to look at the qualifications that are the best for them.

“Our focus now is on celebrating the achievements of all our young people and ensuring that the developments and changes that have taken place this year are reflected in even better results next year.”

St Augustine’s School, in Sandybed Lane, saw its pupils excel after 81 per cent gained five or more A* to C grades – a rise of six per cent on last year’s figures.

The school also saw 54 per cent of pupils get five or more A* to C grades, including English and maths.

Headteacher Jesus Echevarria said he was buoyed by the students’ successes.

He said: “These results are very pleasing for everyone and we had 31 per cent of students getting A* and A grades and 57 per cent getting A*s, As and Bs.

“However, we also recognise there is room for improvement.

“We did not go down the route of taking BTEC qualifications and have concentrated on giving students a solid education.

“The results also reflect the hard work from the children and also the hard work from the staff to consolidate our position.

“It was fantastic to see the students do so well and their reactions when opening their results reflected the ethos of the school.

“Everyone enjoyed each other’s successes and it is not geekish or uncool to do well here.

“It was great to see students celebrate like that and exactly what the school is all about.”

Graham School and Raincliffe School – which are now part of a federation – also maintained their successes from the previous year.

Graham School, in Woodlands Drive, had 80 per cent of students achieve five or more A* to C grades, with 53 per cent getting the top grades with English and maths.

Headteacher Garry Hancock said: “The results confirm that our students have achieved consistently well over recent years.

“These results are a credit to the students, staff, families and governors who have worked so well together over five years.

“This is always the best day of the year and it was a pleasure to see the students’ excitement and sheer joy when they got their results.”

Raincliffe School, in Lady Edith’s Drive, increased its GCSE results for the fourth consecutive year after 79 per cent of students got five A* to C grades which is the school’s highest ever marks.

The school also saw 40 per cent of students pick up five A* to C passes with English and maths

Headteacher Mick Jolley said: “The results show sustained improvement and are a just reward for the hard work and perseverance students, families and staff across the Graham and Raincliffe Federation have brought to the process.

“The changes have ensured all students are given the best possible opportunity to succeed, include shared facilities and staff through the partnership with Graham School, access to new courses and careful personal mentoring and support.

“I would also like to congratulate students across all of Scarborough’s schools who have done so well in their exams.”

Scarborough College, in Filey Road, saw 93 per cent of students gain five or more A* to C grades, with 48 per cent picking up grades at A* or A standard and 100 per cent gaining an A* to C mark in at least one modern language.

Headteacher Isobel Nixon said: “The whole year group has done particularly well, especially in key subjects like maths and science and the overall pass rate for three separate sciences and maths was 97 per cent.

“We welcome students with a wide range of abilities, but hard work and sound teaching in academic subjects pays off.

“The numbers of students nationally taking modern languages in recent years has fallen dramatically, therefore, we believe our students are at a particular advantage.

“However, success in academic subjects is dependent upon the development of the individual through art, music, sport and a wide range of extra curricular activities.

“Our Art department has had a fantastic year with all of our GCSE Art students passing with A* or A grades and two of our International Baccalaureate students going on to take up places at Art Colleges.”

Filey School saw 72 per cent of its students gaining five or more A* to C grades, with 42 per cent achieving the feat with English and maths.

Headteacher Andy Dickinson added: “A significant majority of students have achieved five or more grades at A* to C and now have a range of qualifications they can take forward to provide opportunities in continuing education or employment.

“Congratulations to all students on their achievements and on the hard work that went into preparing for the exams and thanks also to all those parents and carers who supported students and the school.

“Lots of students have met their targets and achieved success in a range of subjects and many have surpassed expectations in number of areas.”