Heading for world record

PUPILS at a Scarborough school have been singing their way in to the record books.

Students and staff at Springhead School took recently took part in the Chatterbox Challenge world record attempt for the largest games of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes held in multiple venues.

A spokesperson from the school said: “We were very pleased to participate in the ‘I CAN Chatterbox Challenge’.

“Our pupils had been preparing for the Challenge and practised their speech and language skills. It was also a way of making people aware of Hello – the National Year of Communication’s campaign and the work of ‘I CAN’, the children’s communication charity.”

The game had to be played for five minutes in total.

The ‘I CAN’ chief executive, Virginia Beardshaw, said: “2011 is a very important year for communication and the “Hello” campaign is well under way. All the children and adults who took part will have had fun using activities and songs. These have been developed by ‘I CAN’ speech and language therapists and teachers for parents, carers and professionals to help children develop speech and language skills.

“On behalf of those children we help, thanks to everyone who took part and got involved in our Guinness World Record Attempt.”