Life a rollercoaster for thrill-seekers!

THEY may have had some ups and downs, but a group of Scarborough college students still had a thrilling ride during a rollercoaster project!

The Level Two BTEC Business students from Scarborough Sixth Form were tasked with creating a white knuckle rollercoaster ride - with just card and paper.

Their work aimed to help boost team work and the ride had to accommodate a marble running from top to bottom.

Designs ranged from the traditional track to a risky strategy of the marble jumping from one side of the structure to the other.

Student Bart Sobala, said it had been a great success.

He said: “I learned how to co-operate in a team.

“We all agreed on our ideas and changed them if needed with no arguments or wasting time.”

James Drury, the college’s Business Studies teacher, added: “The two groups did exceptionally well.

“We feel the practical elements are an important part of BTEC Business.

“The students learn a huge amount by working with each other and did extremely well under timed conditions to produce the work that they did.”