Mixed reaction to lost days caused by school stress

Filey School where 341 days were lost in the 2010/11 financial year
Filey School where 341 days were lost in the 2010/11 financial year

NEWS that teachers in the Scarborough area took more than 3,800 days off due to stress in three years has met with a mixed response.

The Evening News revealed the staggering total on Monday, with a wide disparity between schools in the borough.

At Filey School for example, 341 days were lost in the 2010/11 financial year due to stress, with six of the school’s 54 teachers absent with the condition.

At Raincliffe School meanwhile, 22 days were lost due to stress. The School employs 24 teachers.

Commenting on the Evening News website, some readers supported teachers, saying pupil behaviour was out of control and sympathising with the pressure teachers are put under.

Amaroo said: “Being unruly or whatever will in most instances simply go unpunished because the teacher does not have the power to do anything.

“Until stricter disciplinary powers are given back to teachers the problems will remain.”

Butterfly2k2 added: “Surely it is the way children are reared at home that has the most influence on the way they behave at school.”

However others said that teachers should expect to be scrutinised by external agencies such as Ofsted, given the importance of their jobs.

That bloke in the pub said: “We all have stress in our working lives, and we all have to learn to deal with it.

“Because of the important role teachers play in building our society, the powers-that-be are rightly asking them to justify their high salaries and long holidays by sending in inspectors from time to time. This is for the benefit of the kids, not the teachers.”

Markdrum added: “I know its an old line but these people really do need a stint in the private sector.”

At Brompton Hall School, which promotes the personal and intellectual development of pupils who have emotional and behavioural difficulties, 32 days were lost to stress, among the school’s 11 teachers.

At Overdale Community Primary School, where 10 teachers are employed, 56 days were taken off due to stress last year.

A total of 58 days absence due to stress were recorded at Braeburn County Junior School, where 12 teachers work.

However at Wheatcroft Community Primary School, which employs 15 teachers, only 11 days were lost due to stress.

l The information provided by the county council was not clear in relation to Filey.

We would like to point out that 139 days were taken off by teachers at Filey CE Infant and Nursery School in 2010/11 due to stress. No days off due to stress were taken by staff at Filey Junior School in the period.