New drive to protect youngsters this winter

A NEW road safety scheme has been launched to keep Scarborough youngsters safe during the dark winter months.

The THINK! campaign has been set up by North Yorkshire County Council to warn children of the dangers on the town’s roads now the clocks have changed.

The campaign, will feature messages on television and in cinemas, is aimed at six to 11 year-olds and highlights the importance of using the Green Cross Code and being seen on an evening.

Honor Byford, Road Safety Team Leader for North Yorkshire County Council, said: “With darker evenings around the corner children and parents – particularly those living in the rural areas of our county – need to remember that safety depends on seeing and being seen.

“A pedestrian wearing reflective clothing can be seen by a driver using dipped headlights up to 200 metres away, whereas the same pedestrian only wearing dark clothes could be ten metres from the car before the driver sees them.

“Parents can make a huge difference by instilling good road safety behaviour – first find a safer place to cross, then stop, look and listen and be bright and be seen.”