New kids on the block!

St Augustines School in Sandybed Lane
St Augustines School in Sandybed Lane

SCARBOROUGH secondary schools have revealed another bumper pupil intake – with two experiencing high demand for places.

Scalby School has seen its confirmed Year Seven student number soar to 207 from 184 last year.

That figure is just five pupils short of the school’s maximum threshold of 212.

St Augustine’s School, which has an admissions figure ceiling of 96 pupils, again filled their quota after receiving 187 applications from parents.

Graham School, currently in a federation with Raincliffe School, will receive 234 pupils in September, representing a small drop from 260 students in 2011.

However, headteacher Garry Hancock said the numbers were indicative of a smaller amount of youngsters across Scarborough making the step up to secondary education.

George Pindar Community Sports College, which last year welcomed 158 students, was unable to give the Evening News its 2012 figures owing to changes in the amount which were still being pored over by North Yorkshire County Council bosses.

Filey School’s intake dropped to 85 from 110 students, though headteacher Andy Dickinson again cited the falling number of Year Six youngsters.

David Read, headteacher of Scalby School said: “We will welcome 207 new students in September and these numbers are very pleasing and reflect the rise in the popularity of the school in recent years.”

Jesus Echevarria, headteacher of St Augustine’s School was also pleased with their intake.

He said the Voluntary Aided school had accepted its first 96 children according to its admission criteria, with parents given the right to appeal the decisions.

He added: “St Augustine’s School continues to prove very popular among parents, who want the very best education for their children.

“As a result we have had no difficulty in filling our allocated number of places.”

Garry Hancock, executive headteacher of the Graham Raincliffe Federation, said the numbers had been anticipated due to the lack of youngsters stepping up from primary schools.

From September, Raincliffe School will fully dissolve with Graham School becoming the recognised name for the federated schools.

Mr Hancock said: “There are lots of factors in the numbers but one of the main ones is that there are fewer children this year, though we expect it will start to pick up next year.

“As a school we have been in a transition with the federation but we are confident that Graham School will provide an excellent proposition for parents in the future.”

Raincliffe School will officially close on August 31, with the site becoming the lower school for Graham School.

Headteacher John Senior, from George Pindar Community Sports College, said: “The Year Seven intake is in line with the council’s prediction and our own expectations based on the conversations we had with all our feeder schools.

“Obviously local demography does change and some years all schools reach their maximum admission limit, which is not always the best news for parents trying to secure the school they desire for their children.

“Looking at pupil numbers across Scarborough parents are in the very positive situation of being able to choose from a range of good schools most of whom will have some space in Year Seven.

“This will probably mean less people involved in the appeals process and a more positive outcome for children and their parents.”

Mr Dickinson, of Filey School, added: “We have 85 students confirmed and we expect the final figure to be around 90.

“Last year we had 110 new starters and this will be our smallest intake of new students for some time.

“However, this reduced intake is exactly as we expected, there are simply fewer Year Six pupils in the area than in previous years. We expect numbers to increase again in coming years.”