Pindar’s delight at GCSE results

GCSE results,Pinder School Maddie Porritt and Alex Edmond celebrate great results.Picture Richard Ponter 123413a
GCSE results,Pinder School Maddie Porritt and Alex Edmond celebrate great results.Picture Richard Ponter 123413a

A nervous wait was finally over today for hundreds of GCSE students across the Scarborough area as this year’s results were revealed.

Throughout the morning a steady stream of youngsters turned up at school to collect their all important grades.

GCSE results,Pinder School pupils view their results.Picture Richard Ponter 123413b

GCSE results,Pinder School pupils view their results.Picture Richard Ponter 123413b

Pindar pupil Maddie Porritt, of Long Lane in Seamer, said she was ecstatic with her results – which included six A results and one A* out of a total of 17 exams. She said: “I don’t believe that they are mine.”

She added that she hope to go on to sixth form to study Biology, Chemistry, Sociology and Psychology with the aim of becoming a child therapist.

Fellow pupil Alex Edmonds, from Napier Crescent in Seamer, said he had gained 4 A grades including two A*s and was “quite happy” with his results. He added: “All the hard work was worth it in the end.

“I wouldn’t say they are easier exams I’d just say that people put more effort in these days.”

Pindar School headteacher John Senior said: “We are extremely pleased with this year’s GCSE results. They really reflect the progress that George Pindar School continues to make. This year we have recorded the school’s best ever GCSE results.”

Overall 59 per cent of the school’s students gained five A* to C grades including Maths and English and 90 per cent of all students received five A* to C grades.

Mr Senior added: “The grades are the results of a real team effort with parents, carers, students and staff all playing their part.

“I would like to record the willingness of George Pindar School staff to go the extra mile providing additional lessons, study sessions in holidays and revision has been a key factor in our success this year. With such a committed staff I am sure the school will continue to move forward.”

Pindar School’s Results in Full (number of A* to Gs):

Alderton, Thomas (12), Allan Shannon (11), Ambler, Lucy (13), Anderson, Laura (8), Appleyard, Ella (15), Ashworth, Lydia (10), Banks, Ellis (14), Bare, Liam (16), Baxter, Chelsea (18), Bennett, Chloe (11), Bennett, Leanne (10), Bentley, Ryan (9), Bird, Jack (11), Blake, Sam (12) Bold, Sophia (10), Bond, Dominic (15), Brattan, Amy (12), Brown, Adam (14) Brown, Ellie (12), Brownlie, Lewis (15), Buckle, Laura (14), Bulmer, Rachel (19) Burrow, Harry (12) Burrows, Sarah (11), Bush, Andrew (3), Bussey, Thomas (13) Calvert, Chelsea (12) Canvess, Connor (8) Catterill, Deejay (5), Chapman, Annalise (11) Chapple, Lewis (11), Cook, Stephanie (11) Cox, James (13) Davison, Connor (12), Day, Rory (13), Dewar, Alexander (10), Dixon, Charlotte (18) Dodds, Ashleigh (18) Dolling, Annabella (14) Doyle, Samuel (10) Edmond, Alexander (16), Edwards, Ryan (2), Elliott, Charley (12), Ellis, Thomas (4), Fox, Joseph (16), Francis, Chloe (10), Garton, Hayley (11), Gill, Ross (12), Glendinning, Jordan (11), Goldstone, Charlotte (13), Goodwin, Sarah (14), Graham, Emily (13), Griffiths, Ellie (14), Harris, Liam (13), Harrison, Chelsea (11), Harrison, Emma (12), Harvey, Kelly (15), Haywood, Joseph (9), Hepworth, Louis (11), Hiorns, Zachary (9), Holsworth, Jayden (11), Hood, Amber (12), Hopkins, Ryan (6), Howes, Michael (7), Hulbert, Chloe (16), Hurst-Wells, Lara (9), Jesse, Emily (10), Jesson, Emily (15), Kehrli, Adrian (17), Kelly, Daniel (17), Kendrick, Danielle (12), Kennedy, Mollie (13), Kershaw, Megan (12), Landray, Steven (15), Large, Emma (13), Lewis, Bethany (13), Lewis, Hannah (11) Lilley, Natalie (8), Longshaw, Dean (15), Low-Mckinlay, Kirsty (8), MacDonald, Iain (10), Maiden, Ross (11) Mainprize, Charlie (11), Major, Rachel (11), Mann, Kaylum (13), Mattinson, Christian (12), Mayes, Kerry-Anne (18), Mayes, Ryan (11), McPhee, Beth (14), Messruther, Chelsea (13), Metcalfe, Tobias (11), Miller, Liam (12), Mollon, Amy-Jo (10), Moon, Shannon (9), Moore, Beckie (10), Morris, Matthew (14), Moss, Louise (12), Myerscough, Chelsea (11), Oakland, Bethany (16), Ormston, Reece (8), Orrah, Joshua (12), Overfield, Chelsea (11), Paddock, Alexander (12), Padley, Shelby (12), Paley, Nicholas (11), Parker, Daniel (13), Partridge, Mollie (17), Patterson, Adam (11), Pearson, Jordan (11), Pearson, Lauren (10), Phillips, Sarah (13), Pollard, Harrison (10), Porritt, Madeleine (16), Power, Jack (4), Prew, Mark (9), Price, Reanna (11), Raines, Georgia (10), Reedie, Ben (8), Remmer, Jonathan (11), Robinson, Bernice (13), Robinson, Bethany (11), Sellers, Liam (12), Sheldrick, James (10), Sibley, Laura (13), Siddle, Stephanie (12), Simmons, Calvin (12), Simpson, Jessica (11), Skelton, Rory (14), Smedley, Ben (9), Smith, Adam (11), Smith, Jack (14), Smith, Nicola (10), Snowden, Cheryl (8), Somers, Ryan (13), Stanley, Charlotte (15), Stewart, Bryony (12), Stothard, Josh (16), Stubbs, Natasha (11), Sykes, Bradley (16), Taylor, Lucy (12), Thornton, Jamie-Lee (13), Tilley, Robbie (7), Tindall, Matthew (16), Todd, Kimberley (11), Tomaino, Carl (11), Tymon, Daniel (12), Venner, Joshua (16), Vodros, Brittni (1), Walton, Sophie (11), Waterfield, Kyran (11), Watling, Macauley (10), Watson, Amber (9), Watson, Liam (1), Webster, Liam (8), Wilcock, Joanna (11), Williams, Jake (9), Willson, James (1), Wilson, Jake (11), Winter, Michael (10), Wood, Sophie (11), Yates, Blake (7)