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A SECOND pleasure boat has fallen foul of the same Euro red tape which threatens the future of Scarbor-ough's historic MV Coronia.

The Yorkshire Belle was today due to make its last voyage to Scarborough from Bridlington because the journey lies outside the 15-nautical mile limit, imposed by the Maritime Coast Agency in response to EU regulations.

Its skipper, Peter Richardson, said: “Under the same ruling, the Yorkshire Belle is no longer allowed to sail to Scarborough.

“We feel this is ridiculous. I have run trips to Scarborough every week for the last 15 years and they have proved very popular.

“Now the government is saying we can only go 15 miles from Bridlington which takes us to Filey, then we would have to go back.”

A Euro MP, who represents Scarborough, has intervened in the dispute and written to the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

The legislation was introduced after 852 people lost their lives when a Baltic pleasure cruiser sank in 1994, but Labour MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, Richard Corbett, said the boats would still be able to sail to the town if the MCA stuck to the EU directive.

In the letter, he said: “The MV Coronia is a Class C Vessel under EU Directive 98/18/EC.

“That directive states that vessels of that class may travel no more than 15 miles from the nearest refuge point, meaning that if the EU Directive were implemented by the MCA, the MV Coronia would be able to make its voyage without restrictions.”

“However, because the MCA never adopted the EU’s restriction, and instead opted to keep the existing British restrictions, the MV Coronia, as a Class C Vessel may not travel more than 15 miles from its point of origin, meaning it can no longer make the 17 mile journey to Whitby.” Thousands of Scarborough residents and holidaymakers signed a petition started by the owner of the Coronia, Tom Machin, to protest against the legislation.

The MV Coronia helped with the Dunkirk evacuation during the Second World War and an estimated 95,000 passengers have travelled between Scarborough and Whitby since Coronia came to the resort in 1992.