Pupils learn of wartime heroes

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PUPILS at a Scarborough school have been swapping packed lunches for ration packs to learn about the Battle of Britain.

Youngsters at Bramcote School have been learning of the heroism and sacrifices made by people during the 1940 air battles that took place over the country’s skies.

And as well as learning about the battle, pupils have also learned about what life was like during the war for those on the ground.

Their studies will culminate in a play based on life during the Battle of Britain.

The play, which is to be performed in front of the pupils’ families, is set in the modern day, and the story of the battle is told through the eyes of a grandfather, who is reminiscing about the war.

The cast will even be joined on stage by a replica spitfire, and deputy headteacher Peter Wilkinson, who has helped put the play together, says the students have loved learning about it.

“The kids get a great deal of enjoyment out of learning about the war, and they have loved taking part in the play, especially learning the songs from that era.

Before the play starts, pupils will take part in a concert, singing popular songs from the era, including ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘Run Rabbit Run’.

There will also be a lunch following Saturday’s performance that will feature a menu consisting entirely of wartime delicacies, including beetroot cake.

Mr Wilkinson said that he feels it is important that children continue to learn about the war, despite the fact that it is almost 70 years since the war came to a end.

“As the years go by, to children, the war starts to feel like ancient history.

“But I feel that after doing so much work on the war, I think they have an appreciation of the sacrifices people made as well as what life was like during the war.”