Pupils’ worthy lesson

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YOUNGSTERS at Filey Junior School were taught an important lesson after learning about the virtues of a good attendance.

The pupils have been handed the task of designing posters highlighting the need to be present in school to boost their studies.

The scheme is being run by the school’s parent support advisor Alison Fenton, who said the children had really taken on board the message about driving up attendance.

She said: “We had a really good response from them and some of them went back to their classes and had further discussions about it.

“We were joined by the Tesco community champion Diane Gledhill who said she was very impressed by their response too.”

Ms Fenton revealed the school held question and answer sessions with the pupils about their feelings towards school and what they like and dislike about it.

They also included different scenarios on the effects brought if they did or did not attend lessons.

She added the competition would run until the end of the month and a presentation assembly and tea party would be held to mark the best entries.