Record results for Ryedale’s schools

Malton School's Will Spencer on the left ' 5 A* and 5 A and Steven Fenwick on the right ' 7A* and 2 A.
Malton School's Will Spencer on the left ' 5 A* and 5 A and Steven Fenwick on the right ' 7A* and 2 A.

Hundreds of teenagers across Ryedale have today received their GCSE results.

Malton School enjoyed record results wtih the percentage of 16 year olds achieving the government threshold (measured as those students who achieve 5 or more GCSEs at grades A*-C) at 81.2 per cent.

Malton School's Holly Johnson at the moment of truth, first sight of her results ' Head Girl ' 3 A* and 7 A

Malton School's Holly Johnson at the moment of truth, first sight of her results ' Head Girl ' 3 A* and 7 A

This is a peak result for the school being up 1 per cent on the previous high set last year and it is the fourth year in a row above the 70 per cent.

The average points score at 466 is another record achievement for the school beating the previous best of 451 in 2010.

There has been a dip nationally in the government’s new English and Maths measure as the exam boards have responded to pressure to mark these subjects more critically and have increased the scores required to achieve a C grade.

Teachers at Malton say this has affected them, along with many other schools, with their percentage gaining 5 or more GCSEs including English Language and Maths dropping back to 52 per cent.

A total of 29 per cent of all students achieved three or more A* to A grades.

There were some impressive individual performances at the school.

Four students gained all grade A or A* results. They were Steven Fenwick with 7 A* and 2 A’s; Will Spencer with 5 A* and 5 As; Holly Johnson 3 A* and 7 As; and Emily Farrow with 3 A* and 6 A’s. Oliver Rawling also did very well achieving 2A*, 7 A’s and a B.

The vast majority of students succeeded in gaining the results they needed to move on to the next step in their career development. Headteacher, Rob Williams praised them saying, “I would like to congratulate all the students for their hard work.

“I know their parents and families will be proud of what they have achieved. I would also like to thank the whole staff team for going above and beyond the call of duty in support of the students.”

Also enjoying its best ever results was Lady Lumley’s School, with an A* to C pass rate of 81 per cent for five or more GCSE examinations.

Headteacher Richard Bramley said: “This year group started at Lady Lumley’s School at the same time as I did in September 2007 so I was extremely pleased by their record results.

“The students also did incredibly well to beat last year’s English Baccalaureate score, with 27 per cent achieving A* to C in English, maths, science, geography or history and a modern language.

“This score is even more remarkable as we are one of the few schools still to give all our students a free choice of subjects at GCSE so they can study the ones they love and enjoy the most.”

The Year 11 students also achieved 61 per cent 5 A* to C including English and mathematics and a quarter of the entries received an A* or A, with almost another quarter at B and another 26 per cent at C.

Particular mention has been given to Jacob Pepper who obtained a fantastic 9A*, 3A and a B, closely followed by Will Mennell (8A*, 3A, 1 B, 1C), Tom Wrench (8A*,2A and 2B) and Chris Featherstone (8A*, 1 A, 2B and an A in short course RE). Many other students also achieved good results with 42 per cent of students achieving three or more A* or A grades.

Lady Lumley’s triplets, Bethany, Emma and Rebecca Collins did themselves and their family proud, with 22 A* and A grades (as well as creditable Bs and Cs) amongst the three of them, whilst the twins, Elizabeth and Oliver Rising, bagged another 23 GCSEs at C or above.

Mr Bramley added; “As the Government continues to tighten the way subjects are examined and marked, I feel very confident that the traditional, rigorous approach Lady Lumley’s takes towards examinations will continue to pay dividends for our students.

“This year’s Year 11 were a lovely bunch, most of whom are staying on into the sixth form. Everyone at the school is looking forward to seeing them in September and we also wish the very best to those who are moving on.”

Malton School:

K Ackerman (11+1 SC), J Allen (11+1 SC), S Annis (11+1 SC),S Bean (11+1 SC), W Bean (11+1 SC), J Belile (12+1 SC), D Bentley (11+1 SC), L Bottomley (11+1 SC), K Bradbury (11+1 SC), R Bray (13+1 SC), W Brown (16+1 SC), H Bulmer (15+1 SC), S Burnett (12+1 SC), A Caine (11+1 SC), E Campbell (6), I Cariss (6+1 SC), H Carter (11+1 SC), E Clayton (12+1 SC), K Cook (12+1 SC), S Corner (11+1 SC), M Cowton (3), H Craggs (10+1 SC), J Criddle (11+1 SC), D Denney (11+1 SC), A Donkin (13+1 SC), J Dove (11+1 SC), J Eldridge-Smith (13+1 SC), A Ennis (11+1 SC), E Farrow (12+1 SC), L Faulkner (11+1 SC), S Fenwick (10+1 SC), C Flynn (11+1 SC), J Foster (13+1 SC), E Fothergill (11+1 SC), M Fraser (12+1 SC), E Galway (13+1 SC), D Gardiner (11+1 SC), B Gibbon (13+1 SC), D Gough (12+1 SC), T Grey (11+1 SC), B Hall (11), M Harrison (16), J Holmes (12+1 SC), H Hopkin (11+1 SC), C Howarth (13+1 SC), J Hutchinson-Colbeck (12+1 SC), H Johnson (11+1 SC), I Johnson (11), J Johnson (11+1 SC), I Johnston (17+1 SC), L Jones (6+1 SC), J Kett (11+1 SC), A Leadley (13+1 SC), S Lear (11+1 SC), G Lofthouse (13+1 SC), M Lyko (11+1 SC), G Maltby (11+1 SC), J Martin (11+1 SC), B Martin-Lemmon (11+1 SC), M McNeill (11+1 SC), S Miller (11+1 SC), H Mitchell (5), N Moore (12+1 SC), A Mort (16), T Muankeaw (11+1 SC), M Murphy (9), O Newman (8+1 SC), J Oliphant (16), K Palmer-Rippin (11+1 SC), J Peacock (4), A Pearson (11+1 SC), G Peirson (11+1 SC), J Peirson (16), J Pitkin (11+1 SC), R Popham (11+1 SC), D Potter (11+1 SC), G Potter (1), C Ramsey (12+1 SC), L Rawling (11+1 SC), O Rawling (11+1 SC), O Rees (11+1 SC), J Richardson (11+1 SC), A Robinson (11+1 SC), K Robinson (13+1 SC), A Sayers (13+1 SC), C Simpson (11+1 SC), W Spencer (11+1 SC), B Spink (11+1 SC), K Spink (12+1 SC), C Talbot (13+1 SC), T Tate-Smith (11+1 SC), J Tenge (13), L Thompson (11+1 SC), J Thomson (11+1 SC), J Walker (12+1 SC), R Ward (12+1 SC), L Wayper (6), G Welch (13+1 SC), J Winship (11+1 SC), S Young (6+1 SC)

Norton College:

L Acklam (15), C Atkinson (9), J Bagshaw (8), M Banikonis (11), A Bint (13), H Blundell (11), C Boddy (12), S Bown (13), J Boyes (11), J Brooke (14), M Buckle (13), J Burnett (11), K Burns (13), F Carr (8), J Cass (7), K Charters (10), M Claringbould (14), B Clemit (11), A Clifford (10), M Cooke (8), R Cooper (11), T Cornforth (12), I Cotton (13), J Coulson (14), J Cowton (6), B Crowe (13), J Dixon (8), K Drinkwater (12), S Dunn (6), K England (8), D Fenwick (8), J Foxton (14), J Gacusan (10), T Garbutt (12), L Gibson (12), D Gilbank (10), G Glover (10), J Greenley (13), J Grover (9), L Hall (13), C Halliday (11), M Harland (14), A Harper (10), T Harrison (13), A Hawes (12), J Headley (12), S Hodgson (14), W Hodsman-Summers (15), S Hoggard (13), C Hollingsworth (7), Z Holmes (15), R Howe ( 10), C Hubery (13), N Jackson (6), D Jarvis (6), K Joines (6), D Jones (10), J Kellett (12), T Kelly (11), J Kenyon (7), L Kewley (13), B Lawson (11), J Leak (10), C Lobley (8), T Lyko (7), J Macleod (10), K Mafanya (13), E Manning (11), A Marshall (11), K Marwood (12), A Milner (12), R Milson (16), Z Mitchell (12), H Monkman (13), S Morley (11), N Mosey (13), R Munro (13), P Newsome (9), M Parrott (14), A Pickering (11), O Pinder (9), R Porter (10), C Presley (13), J Preston (14), T Rimmer (13), S Rudd (9), R Ruston (12), K Sanjose (12), S Schofield (10), J Scott (13), K Sellers (11), T Sharpe (12), Z Simpson (11), J Smith (12), A Smurthwaite (13), M Spaven (15), D Stansfield (12), S Stephenson (12), H Stubbings (13), J Sturdy (15), J Swift (13), E Tennant (12), S Thompson (12), B Todd (16), L Trevor (9), V Twamley (12), L Tyreman (11), L Unsworth (12), A Warrington (12), K Watson (6), W Welburn (11), J Welford (14), O White (13), B Wilford (16), B Winzar (11), H Witty (12), K Young (13)

Lady Lumley’s:

L Allanby (12+1SC), P Angus (12+1SC)M Appleby (11+1SC), D Armitage (5+1SC), G Atkinson (10+1SC), C Balderson (12+1SC), R Bastow (10+1SC), Z Bauld (9+1SC), C Benson (11+1SC), M Bets (13+1SC), A Bevan (9+1SC), H Blackborrow (12+1SC), R Blacklock (11+1SC), J Boak (11+1SC), D Bointon (11+1SC), A Bojas (4), B Bowdler-Orme (11+1SC), J Bowers (14+1SC), D Boyes (5+1SC), L Boyes (12+1SC), M Bradley (3), A Brown (10+1SC), O Burton (12), C Carpenter (8+1SC), T Chamberlain (12+1SC), D Chopping (5+1SC), A Christopherson (11+1SC), B Collins (12), E Collins (9+1SC), R Collins (11+1SC), J Connelly (8+1SC), C Connor (12+1SC), N Coote (13+1SC), J Corton (11+1SC), N Cox (11+1SC), J Craven (6+1SC), R Creaser (11+1SC), H Critchley (11), J Croft (10+1SC), M Dale (10+1SC), T Di Placido (10+1SC), J Dilley (14+1SC), H Downie (10+1SC), M Dunnett (11+1SC), R Dunning (11+1SC), L Easton (11+1SC), L Eddon (5+1SC), H Elkin (13+1SC), S Farrow (7+1SC), C Featherstone (11+1SC), K Findlay (12+1SC), T Firth-Coppock (10+1SC), L Fletcher (9+1SC), M Fortnum (12+1SC), M Gaines (11+1SC), A Geary (12+1SC), A Grayson (12+1SC), H Greaves (12+1SC), A Hall (9+1SC), S Hall (12+1SC), K Hallsworth(11), S Hardie (11+1SC), K Harrison (12+1SC), R Harvey (10+1SC), J Hatton (4), S Hawley (13+1SC), T Heath (10+1SC), K Hobbs (10+1SC), E Horton (5+1SC), T Howard (13+1SC), A Hundsal (11+1SC), K Hunter (11+1SC), H Jackson (12+1SC), L Jackson (10+1SC), N Jackson (10+1SC), C Jemison (11+1SC), H Johnson (11+1SC), R Johnson (11+1SC), E Keal (10+1SC), D Kearton (10+1SC), R Kelly (10+1SC), H Kenworthy (10+1SC), L Keown (11+1SC), D Knowles (11+1SC), C Kutevu (10+1SC), R Lancaster (10+1SC), F Lawson (14+1SC), J Lay (13+1SC), C Leadley (14+1SC), B Lealman (10+1SC), N Lockwood (12+1SC), S Lowe (13+1SC), J Lumley (5+1SC), L Magson (12+1SC), E Malone (9+1SC), S Marks (11+1SC), A Marshall (11), G Mason (11+1SC), S McKay (9+1SC), W Mennell (13), J Metcalfe (11+1SC), R Miers (11), C Mitton (14+1SC), K Morby-Smith (11+1SC), T Mortimer (13), G Mosley (12+1SC), J Myers (1), L Nicholson (11+1SC), R Norrington (9+1SC), C Padgham (10+1SC), C Peak (11+1SC), A Pearson-Smith (11+1SC), J Pepper (13), W Preston (12+1SC), V Quilter (12+1SC), M Raw (12+1SC), K Recchia (11+1SC), C Reeves (6+1SC), E Richardson (11+1SC), E Rising (10+1SC), O Rising (12+1SC), H Robinson (10+1SC), T Robinson (4+1SC), J Rooney (9), L Rowell (13), K Russell (14+1SC), L Ruston (11+1SC), K Sandiford (10+1SC), A Scott (9+1SC), R Searson (9+1SC), T Shepherd (9+1SC), E Sherwin (13), J Silversides (1), P Skaife (9+1SC), M Slinger (10+1SC) Alec Smith (9+1SC), Annabel Smith (12+1SC), L Smith (10+1SC), S Smith (11+1SC), H Snowden (12+1SC), L Staveley (12+1SC), R Stead (10+1SC), G Sullivan (14+1SC), J Sutherland (11+1SC) G Swiers (13), T Tate (12+1SC), C Taylor (12+1SC), D Thorn (9+1SC), C Todd (12+1SC) J Walton (14+1SC), C Ward (11+1SC), A Ward-Gow (11+1SC), A Watkinson (12+1SC), T Whincup (10+1SC), H Whitfield (12+1SC), J Whitmore (11+1SC), T Wood (12+1SC), A Woodhead (11+1SC), T Wrench (12)