Shake-up for staff at top schools

Bramcote School, Filey Road
Bramcote School, Filey Road

TEACHING staff at two Scarborough schools have lost their posts in a huge shake-up.

Three teachers from Scarborough College and three from Bramcote School have moved on ahead of a deal to merge the schools in September.

Two other teaching staff from Scarborough College previously opted to take voluntary redundancy.

Scarborough College headteacher Isobel Nixon said the decision was “extremely painful”, but added the merger would bring wider benefits for education in Scarborough.

Under the agreement, pupils from Bramcote School will move into Scarborough College Junior School in September.

The school will be renamed Bramcote Junior School and continue to offer day and boarding education for youngsters aged between three and 11.

However, the historic Bramcote building, in Filey Road, will be maintained by bosses.

Mrs Nixon said: “The merger is an extremely positive move and we are excited about it.

“However, there is a downside to it and we cannot employ two schools’ worth of staff.

“This is an extremely painful part of the process but everyone understands the situation and it has been carried out scrupulously and correctly.

“The merger will allow the schools to flourish and maintain their position as a worthwhile asset for Scarborough.

“It brings together more than 200 years of education in the town and will combine all the best aspects of both Scarborough College and Bramcote School.

“That can only be a good thing.”

Mrs Nixon said Scarborough College was holding an open day for prospective students tomorrow, which would give parents a chance to speak to staff and learn more about the current situation.

She added a board of governors - spanning members from both schools - had been set up to thrash out the future of amalgamated schools, and reiterated the move would instil greater positivity in the fabric of Scarborough’s educational framework.

She said: “It makes sense given the current economic and social climate and it means a greater scope for focus on specialist teaching.

“In the Junior School there will be a tremendous increase in the facilities, meaning the children can benefit from the theatre and music hall, swimming pool and sports hall and pitches.

“It will also allow us to enhance our provision of an enriched provision of activities on a weekend which could eventually spread into the wider community.

“I am also delighted that we have been able to preserve the Bramcote name.

“It has been synonymous with Scarborough for more than 100 years and it an extremely important part of the town’s heritage.”

The two schools have provided independent education in Scarborough for more than 100 years, with Bramcote School being built in 1893 and Scarborough College just three years later.

John Renshaw, chairman of the governors at Scarborough College, told the Evening News during the merger announcement in February that the move would bode well for the two schools.

He added: “Our goal is to offer the very best education to all our pupils.

“Our commitment to maintain the quality of education and life experience we offer has resulted in a merger of our two schools.

“We are looking forward with confidence to a bright future with a new and bigger school.”

Scarborough College Senior School will remain largely unchanged under the plans.