Students answer Big Questions

Rebecca Millar of S6F during BBC Big Questions debate.
Rebecca Millar of S6F during BBC Big Questions debate.

STUDENTS from a Scarborough college proved they have a real interest in society’s big issues after appearing on a live national television programme.

The Philosophy and Ethics students from Scarborough College - Rachel Bevan, Kayleigh Bradshaw, Sam Echevarria, Matthew Franklin and Rebecca Millar - took part in the BBC One show The Big Questions, which focuses a number of moral, ethical and religious debates.

During the programme, hosted by Nicky Campbell, the students engaged in questions such as has Premier League football lost touch with reality and has feminism bred violent women, with a guest panel that included journalist Peter Hitchens and House of Lords peer Haleh Afshar.

The programme’s first topic looked at the question of whether society should tolerate the intolerant and Rachel Bevan and Matthew Franklin presented very strong arguments in response to the key speakers with Miss Bevan supporting multiculturalism and arguing differences between people should be accepted.

Aimee Horsley, the college’s Philosophy and Ethics tutor, said she was delighted the students had fully grasped their opportunity to engage in the debate.

She said: “I am extremely impressed with the students who took part in the debate and the mature and thoughtful comments that they made.

“The confidence they showed in expressing their views and the interesting and critical perspectives they argued, demonstrated the skills they have been developing in the department over the last two years.”

Students also revealed they had enjoyed the eperience.

Rebecca Millar said: “It was so interesting and a really useful experience, listening to the others and sometimes extreme points of view was great.”

Kayleigh Bradshaw said: “I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing such colourful debates at the Big Question. I enjoyed the range of different people and opinions on different lifestyles and experiences, it was an enjoyable and brilliant learning experience.”

Matthew Franklin added: “Having the opportunity to speak on topical issues was nothing less than brilliant.”