Teens invited to improve life skills

SCARBOROUGH’S Prince’s Trust chairman Peter Wilkinson is urging youngsters to take advantage of a new summer programme aimed at teaching life skills.

Local businessman Peter Wilksinson, who chairs the Prince’s Trust for North Yorkshire, is highlighting the benefits of National Citizen Service, which is being introduced this year.

The programme, which is free and open to anyone in Year 11 at school, offers a residential trips with three main elements.

Group bonding is an important factor and sees young people get to know each other during an induction week and a five day outdoor adventure residential.

Youngsters are also encouraged to face challenges as they take part in a five day local community residential, learning about problems in their community, and drawing up a plan to tackle them.

The plans will then be put in to action by the youngsters.

Mr Wilkinson said: “This course teaches youngsters things they won’t learn in school.

“It gives them a chance to experience their community in a completely different light.

“It also helps them to grow new friendships at the same time as learning life skills.

“The National Citizen Service is a great way to spend the summer, and a great addition to a young person’s CV.”

The National Citizen Service is a Big Society initiative.

The programme runs for three weeks full-time, including two weeks away from home. After that, youngsters also need to complete another 30 hours on a part-time basis.

National Citizen Service will take place across England and will be run by 12 different organisations.

There will be around 11,000 places available when the scheme starts this summer, and there will be more places in future years.

To find out more visit www.princestrust.org.uk and look for course information.

The Prince’s Trust works with 14-30 year olds, mostly who have struggled at school, been in care, are long term unemployed or have broken the law. Eight out of 10 people on the Prince’s Trust programme go on to work or education.