The schools hit by day of walkout

Drop Folder News. Kevin Allen.'Graham School exterior..'0939102e.
Drop Folder News. Kevin Allen.'Graham School exterior..'0939102e.

SCHOOL is being cancelled for more than 6,000 Scarborough pupils as teachers take part in strike action.

Thousands of parents will have to find alternative arrangements for childcare tomorrow as teachers take a stand against the Government.

Nine schools will close tomorrow in Scarborough, with a further nine closing partially.

The mass walkout, which will see 750,000 teachers, lecturers and civil servants across the country take strike action, is part of a row over pension reforms. There could also be a ther 200 workers from the Scarborough Job Centre, tax office, Magistrates and County courts joining other civil servants in the nation wide stand.

Three of Scarborough’s largest secondary schools will close completely tomorrow.

They are Graham School, which has 1,387 pupils, Scalby School with 800 pupils, and Raincliffe School which has 632 pupils.

Tensions are also high among teaching staff at six Scarborough primary schools closing tomorrow.

Among them is Gladstone Road Infants School. Headteacher Anne Swift, who is regional executive member of the National Union of Teachers said: “Very reluctatntly the teachers are taking strike action on Thursday. We hope the Government will see that teachers feel very strongly. They don’t want to be on strike but they feel the Governemnt is not negotiating and not being fair to teachers as it is going back on previous agreements.”

Brian Robinson, headteacher at neighbouring Gladstone Road Junior School, where six out of ten classes aren’t running, said feeling among teachers is equally strong.

He said the four classes that are running are only doing so because those teachers are members of unions which have not yet balloted for action.

The National Union of Teachers (TUC) and the Association of Teacher and Lecturers has been in ongoing talks with the ministers about the proposals which they say will mean members will have to work longer, pay more and get less when they retire.

While it is not yet known how many civil servants will strike in Scarborough tomorrow, disruption is expected.

Stella Dennis, regional representative of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said: “We have 200 members in Scarborough working at the Job Centre, the Tax Office, Magistrates Court and Country Court.

“We are anticipating all of these offices and services will be afftected by the strike action.

“Members have right up until Thursday to decide whether or not to strike so we don’t have definite numbers.

“However the feedback we are getting from across the region is that the dispute is going to be very well supported and we have to reason to think it will be any different in terms of Scarborough.”

Both the Department for Work and Pensions, on behalf of the Job Centre, and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service, said contingency plans are in place to deal with urgent cases.