Where’s Wally? He’s here!

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A POPULAR cartoon character came out of hiding at a themed nursery fun day based on the group’s favourite book.

The red and white T-shirts and round spectacles could be spotted in all corners at Happy Jays Nursery as children dressed up as the main man from “Where’s Wally?”.

Staff dressed up for the occasion too with several Wendy friends and even Wally’s arch nemesis Odlaw making it into the picture.

“We did it because a lot of the pre-school kids are into the books; they ask for it every day and have been showing such a big interest in it,” said deputy manager Danielle Speight. “The day was absolutely brilliant, one of the kids brought in red and white balloons, the whole nursery joined in, not the just the pre-schoolers and all the staff got involved.

“We’ve painted characters on windows and they love it even more now.”

The books were further brought to life as children had to go in search of characters hidden around the nursery.