Work continues at primary schools

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TWO Scarborough primary schools are going ahead with major redevelopment works to expand and enhance their facilities.

Work at Gladstone Road Junior School and Hinderwell School continue and both sites are expected to be completed by summer term this year.

To tackle the issue of over-population at Gladstone Road Junior School, four new classrooms are being built along with a new entrance and administration area and a staff room.

There will also be some changes of use in the main building as a new library and a new music room will be developed to cater for the 450 pupils at the school.

Brian Robinson, headteacher at the school, spoke of the need for the expansion: “The first correspondence to initiate work was in November 1998, so it’s taken almost 12 years for the idea to be put into action.

“The way the school has expanded, both in pupil numbers and particularly the staff numbers means that this work was needed. For example, the staff room currently has 15 seats to accommodate for over 70 members of staff”

One of the main advantages is that the school has acquired the factory at the end of Wooler Street which means that a substantial amount of land will be made into an extension of the playground area.

The school, which currently has 360 pupils, will also benefit from a new classroom which was due to open this month, but due to the weather, this work will not be completed until April at best.

The new classrooms will replace the two Horsa Huts temporary classrooms which had been in use by the school for 60 years.

Meanwhile, Hinderwell CP School, after some delays due to the weather, is back in the process of demolishing, rebuilding and overhauling their site to upgrade learning conditions for their 261 pupils.

Work, which started in the summer of 2010, includes building a new kitchen and canteen integrated with the school building, a new reception area and a new Information and Communications Technology suite.

Philip Snowden, headteacher at Hinderwell CP School said: “Building work is progressing, there were some delays due to the weather, but work is proceeding.

“The whole focus of the development is to equip the school for the twenty first century in terms of accommodation and Information and Community Technology resources.”

Pupils at the school had been eating their lunches in the school hall since last summer after the old canteen, which was cold and had a leaky roof, was demolished last year.

Both schools are open and fully operational.