Egyptians brought to life

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A Scarborough woman is set to give TV viewers an amazing insight into the lives of everyday Egyptians in a new BBC2 two-part documentary.

Dr Joann Fletcher, who lives in Scarborough and is an honorary research fellow at the University of York, has written and will present “Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings”.

The programme will be screened on BBC2 at 9pm on Friday March 22, with the second part the following Friday.

Dr Fletcher, who was involved in the award-winning documentary “Mummifying Alan” with her partner Dr Stephen Buckley, says she is “thrilled to bits” with her latest TV project.

She explained: “It’s the first series I’ve ever written and presented – I’ve only ever done bits on other people’s programmes before.

“The BBC have been wonderful. Everyone has been so co-operative and helpful.”

The programme will focus on a normal, working Egyptian couple, instead of the usual subject matter of Kings and Gods.

Dr Fletcher explained that the idea came about after she had been working closely with the Egyptian museum in Turin.

She said: “We had some wonderful access to their collections and we were finding out some really interesting things.

“We thought it would be fantastic to be able to film the process.”

The mummies in question had never been unwrapped and access was given to their tomb in Egypt, so researchers could see exactly what items they had been buried with.

Dr Fletcher said: “We were really privileged and able to build up a thorough picture of how they lived.

“We were given a direct line into their world, which was amazing. It gave us a whole new perspective.”

The first programme will focus on life and the second will look at death. Dr Fletcher explained: “I think it will show people how similar the Ancient Egyptians were to us in the way they lived their lives, but also how different they are to us in their outlook in death. She added: “It’s a wonderful subject. I hope the programme does the Ancient Egyptians justice.”