Barge to arrive in North Bay for marine testing

Scarborough's North Bay, where Yorkshire Water will be testing the seabed
Scarborough's North Bay, where Yorkshire Water will be testing the seabed

The seabed at Scarborough’s North Bay is to undergo testing ahead of the installation of new storm overflow pipes next year.

A floating barge will be used off the coast of Scarborough, and Bridlington, to collect sediment and rock samples along the route of the three proposed strom overflow pipes.

The project is being carried out by Yorkshire Water as part of its £110 million investment in the region’s coastline.

Although testing work, which is due to start this month, will at times be carried out close to the shore the water authority insists beaches will remain open throughout.

Programme manager Steve Pace said: “We’re committed to doing all we can to ensure Yorkshire has even better beaches and hopefully deliver blue flags to each of the eight resorts.

“The information obtained from these samples is vital to enable us to plan and design the new outfall pipes on time, before much tighter standards for bathing water quality comes into force.

“People will notice a number of vessels at Scarborough and Bridlington during this work, but we’ve got all the neccessary safety measures in place to ensure that people can continue to enjoy the beaches throughout our work.

“While some of the sample locations will be close to the shore, the beaches will still be fully open and noise will be kept to a minimum.”

The investigation and sampling work will be carried out by contractors Morgan Sindall Grontmij and is expected to be completed by the end of August, with sample work on the beach lasting three days.

The floating barge being used for the project, which will assembled in Grimsby and towed to Bridlington then Scarborough with a tugboat, has been used for a number of other high profile expeditions including the Loughor Viaduct in South Wales and the Thames Tunnel in central London.

The marine investigations will sit alongside work at the Toll House Pumping Station which has reduced Marine Drive to one lane.