Drilling for excellent standards for beaches

GROUND-BREAKING research work is about to begin which will dig deep for better beaches and improved bathing water for Scarborough.

The work will take place in Scarborough and Bridlington and is part of Yorkshire Water’s £110 million programme to make this area’s beaches the best in Europe over the next four years.

Drills, which are capable of boring 130 metres into the ground, will be used to collect soil and rock samples at various locations along the 50 mile coastline to enhance understanding of the geology which exists below both towns.

Steven Pace, from Yorkshire Water’s asset delivery unit, said: “We’re committed, alongside the Environment Agency and local councils, to doing all we can to transform Yorkshire’s coastline and hopefully deliver a blue flag to each of the region’s eight coastal resorts by 2015.

“Between now and then we’ve pledged to play our part in this initiative by investing £110 million to improve our sewage treatment facilities which should in turn deliver huge benefits along Yorkshire’s coastline.

“The borehole sampling we’re going to be doing will go a long way towards informing our plans and ultimately ensuring that we have the right solutions in place to deliver such improvements.”

It is hoped that bathing waters achieve a new excellent standard due to come into force in 2015 as part of the European Revised Bathing Water Directive.

The investigative and sampling work is expected to be completed by early Spring, and it is not expected to cause any traffic disruption.