Even more fun than a mere cat

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TO start off a new look at the wildlfie of Flamingo Land zoo, I thought I’d tell you about Slender-tailed Meerkats (Suricata suricata) ...

The meerkats at Flamingo Land have moved home!

Our resident meerkats have upgraded to their new enclosure in Children’s Planet. Moving home is always an exciting time with new neighbours, new surroundings and of course new digging potential – this is especially true for our mob.

They have gone to work finding the best dig site, the optimal look out and of course the best beds. But ask anyone who has ever moved house, a great deal of preparation goes into place pre-moving date.

Lucky for our meerkats, the staff at Flamingo Land made all the prior arrangements to make the move an enjoyable one.

Meerkats are social animals and love to investigate as a team. Therefore we had to make sure that their new home replicated life in the wild.

Digging for food such as worms and crickets is a daily chore loved by the mob, to replicate the wild we use enrichment techniques to keep our mob active – we hide their food so they have to search for it!

We also had to provide some great look-out points for our meerkats.

The famous stance of the “guard” meerkat allows for the rest of the mob to hunt for food while the meerkat on duty can look out for predators – one of the main predators for meerkats in the wild are birds, and the guard will yip as a warning if any predators come close.

Although in Children’s Planet no such predators exist, you still find sentry duty is still handed out in the morning chore list!