Farmer’s litter problem grows

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A SCARBOROUGH farmer says he is sick of rubbish blowing onto his farm from Seamer Carr tip and putting his livestock in danger.

Sidney Craggs, who has Grove Farm to the east of the landfill site, is also worried that the constant littering will jeopardise his chances of continuing his involvement in a wetlands nature reserve scheme.

He said: “The wind is blowing rubbish all over and it just shouldn’t happen. I’ve been here 18 years now and it’s never been as bad as it is at the moment.

“It’s coming onto the farm and getting into the waterways. I have a lot of sheep and I never know what they’re going to pick up.”

Mr Craggs has been working on creating a wetland nature reserve on the 260-acre site for the last five years, working closely with the RSPB.

The Government-sponsored scheme is still being set up and Mr Craggs will shortly be required to renew his membership.

He said: “They are going to cherry pick people to be on the scheme, so it’s important that I present my land in the best way possible.”

Mr Craggs, who trades under the name Cayton Farmers, said: “I’ve spoken to Yorwaste who just keep saying they’ll come and tidy it up.

“But they don’t really seem to be taking any interest in controlling the waste. It’s getting into trees, hedges, crops - everywhere.”

Nick Smith, Yorwaste’s east coast general manager, said: “Unfortunately high winds during a period in early March caused litter netting to break loose in a number of areas, allowing some litter to escape off site.

“Litter picking from the perimeter areas had already been carried out before the winds but we then drafted in extra help to clear the problem.

“We would like to apologise to our neighbours for any inconvenience caused by the waste blowing onto their land.

“This incident was immediately reported to the Environment Agency who visited the site and confirmed they were happy with the actions we had taken and were due to take.

“Further winds then hit the site at the end of March allowing a small amount of remaining litter to escape and this was dealt with immediately with five litter pickers remaining on site to ensure all areas were addressed.

“Future and further actions include the hire of an all terrain litter picker to reach into trees and the installation of further netting to be placed on the eastern side of the site.

“We always strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operation and have liaised with the closest neighbours throughout this process.”