Fat chance for blocks after town bug arrival

SCARBOROUGH is set to be invaded by trillions of bugs in a battle to save its sewers!

Yorkshire Water are deploying the fat-fighting bugs to cut the risk of pollution in sewers across the town.

The move comes as the company looks to cut down on the amount of cooking fat, oils and grease which filter into the sewer system from household drains.

The fats harden and reduce water flow causing blockages.

The bugs are set to be released tomorrow and will ease the situation by feasting on the fat and grease.

Patrick Killgallon, Yorkshire Water’s pollution manager, said: “Having your home filled with waste from your toilet is a very unpleasant experience which no one should ever have to suffer, which is why we work hard to encourage people to think twice before they pour left over fat down the plug hole or flush the odd make-up wipe down the toilet.

“The deployment of fat-busting bugs in our sewer network is an example of this, with these good bacteria literally feasting on solidified fat in our sewer.

“Consequently, we’re confident their introduction will significantly help to reduce fat, oils and grease blockages in the region, ensuring waste water from local homes and businesses can flow freely to our sewage works where we can recycle it properly before returning it to the environment.”