Gearing up to provide offshore wind skills

SECONDARY schools in the Scarborough area are set to benefit from a new initiative announced by Forewind – the developers behind a massive offshore windfarm development at Dogger Bank.

Champions for Wind is a careers programme which has been designed to raise awareness among 13 and 14-year-olds by mapping out qualifications and career progression routes students can take into the offshore wind industry.

Alex Richards, Scarborough Council’s offshore wind project manager, said: “This is a fantastic and very welcome announcement from Forewind. We have been working hard with both the offshore industry and education and skills providers to bring together an aligned and coherent approach to matching the skill needs of the industry with our local workforce.

“Projects like this are essential if we are to ensure that proposed investments in UK waters provide economic benefits on UK shores. There will be opportunities for schools in our borough and the North Yorkshire area to directly benefit from this project.”

Initially the programme will establish a network of ten secondary and special schoolteacher champions in schools within the region who operate in the areas next to the development.