‘Green plan will not harm area’

A DEVELOPER behind a proposed scheme to install a wind turbine on land in Scalby has hit back at critics who organised a petition against it.

Dean Tulley, who is based at Scalby Hayes in Barmoor Lane, has resubmitted an application for a 50kw turbine which measures 34.2m to the blade tip.

He said he was surprised that Cllr Derek Bastiman had criticised the plan and felt that he had not researched it. He added: “Indeed he has not contacted us to seek clarification of any such matters. I find it unacceptable that a councillor should make such comments without first establishing that his facts are accurate.”

Mr Tulley said that out of 171 public comments there were 49 letters of support for the application as well as 22 application or consultation documents. He added: “Of the remaining 100 letters 22 are multiple entries – submitted by eight individuals – indeed two people have sent 10 such letters between them. There is approximately half of the number of objectors that Cllr Bastiman implies.”

He said he did not agree that the scheme was a “money grabbing move” – he aims to donate a percentage of the profits to local good causes –and that he cared passionately about the environmental impact of the continued use of fossil fuels. “Our goals are for renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.”

Mr Tulley said that he aimed to develop his green tourist accommodation business and added, according to Scarborough Council’s head of tourism, that solitary small and medium size turbines did not have any impact on tourism figures.

He said: “There are numerous such solitary turbines already installed in the UK. There is no evidence to suggest that any adverse effect on tourism has resulted from the installation of such turbines.”

Cllr Bastiman said he had listened to the concerns of residents and he was concerned for existing tourism businesses in the area.