Group set up over potash proposals

AN ASSOCIATION of mineral holders is being set up for the benefit of local landowners as plans for potash mining in the area gather pace.

It was unanimously agreed as a way forward, following a meeting hastily called to discuss the potash situation which could see a planning applicaton for such a mine being submitted by September this year.

The Yorkshire Coast has some of the best seams of potash in the UK which means farmers and landowners, from small holdings to those with hundreds of acres, could be sitting on land from which the mineral will be extracted.

They are being urged to become members of the group which will be known as Yorkshire Coast Minerals Association.

There are four main strands to the group – to be a completely independent organisation, to provide a united front in future negotiations, to be able to call on expert advice for members in issues such as taxation and wealth management and to provide a reliable flow of information between members and potash companies.

A working group has been set up and is putting together terms of reference which will be reported back at the end of next month.

It is thought they will include that membership is voluntary and confined to those who have registered, a committee will be formed to represent the group and that administration will be carried out by agents which specialise in agricultural matters.