Helping houses save on energy by going green

HOUSES in Scarborough are being offered an ‘energy efficiency makeover’ as part of a new Community Energy Saving Programme.

Scarborough Council has teamed up with the Yorkshire Energy Partnership to deliver the programme, which will be trialled first within the Castle Ward.

Residents will receive energy efficiency measure as part of a whole house energy efficiency make-over at subsidised costs or even for free.

The Castle Ward area was chosen to trail the scheme as it contains some of the oldest housing stock in the borough, and there was a high response rate to a questionnaire previously circulated to residents which showed an interest in participation in the scheme.

Residents in the ward that are eligible for the scheme will be contacted by door to door visits over the next month, starting this week.

Andrew Rowe, Scarborough Council’s housing manager said: “Scarborough Council is giving its full backing to this scheme as it provides an excellent opportunity for residents within the eligible area to benefit from a whole package of measures to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

Cllr Colin Challen, ward councillor for the Castle Ward added: “With energy prices shooting up, this scheme will help a lot of people to save money this winter, in some cases it could be as much as hundreds of pounds. We want to do all we can to see that local residents can stay warm without worrying too much about big bills landing on their doormats.”

To find out more, and if you are eligible to be involved in the scheme, Scarborough Council and the Yorkshire Energy Partnership are also holding a community drop-in event on December 1, between 12.30pm and 4pm, and between 5.30pm and 9pm at the YMCA in St Thomas Street, for Castle Ward residents.

At the event residents will be able to view maps to determine if their homes are in the eligible geographical area within Castle Ward, and if so, find out from the criteria process if they are eligible to receive a free home energy efficiency survey to determine the measures that will be right for each individual, free energy efficiency measures or those available at significantly discounted prices.

Cllr Dilys Cluer, chairwoman of Scarborough Council’s Sustainability Working Group said: “With energy prices likely to rise even more over coming years, I hope residents will be keen to grasp this opportunity to save money and be more comfortable. The council is working hard to help residents as well as reducing carbon emissions.”