New report over illegal dumping

A lorry leaves the site after tippingb its load of rubble.'112405a.
A lorry leaves the site after tippingb its load of rubble.'112405a.

FINDINGS from an investigation into the illegal dumping of 2,000 tonnes of building waste on a disused caravan site in the Falsgrave area are due to be presented on Monday.

The Rosevale Caravan Park Task Group was set up by Scarborough Council’s Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee following the unauthorised disposal between May and June last year.

Residents had complained of a constant stream of trucks hauling the building waste from a nearby Yorkshire Coast Homes’ redevelopment of Sandybed Court.

In his report, group chairman Cllr John Ritchie said: “From the outset, members of the Rosevale Caravan Park Task Group wanted to produce a piece of work that engaged with the people and organisations involved in this incident in a positive way.

“We wanted to add value to the work of Scarborough Council by addressing some of the issues surrounding the illegal dumping of more than 2,000 tons of building rubble opposite the homes of residents who had every right to expect better from the organisations involved.”

As well as residents and representatives from businesses involved in the project, councillors and council officials gave evidence at a task group hearing last month.

As well as Yorkshire Coast Homes the project was managed by Synergy Housing Solutions and the principal contractor was Bramall Construction – the report also states that several sub-contractors were involved in the development.

And, in terms of enforcement, there were a number of different agencies each with different and sometimes overlapping areas of responsibility.

The task group report has made a number of recommendations, including:

l Bramall Construction should introduce more comprehensive verification of Site Waste Management Plans and review communication procedures, focusing especially on the minority of waste management proposals which are unusual in nature

l Yorkshire Coast Homes should review Synergy Housing Solutions’ performance as project manager and take part in Bramall Construction’s review of the Site Waste Management Plan

l The Environment Agency and local authorities should organise a multi-agency training session to develop an information-sharing protocol as well as tightening up various procedures

l And all parties should report back to the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee with progress reports by September 2012.

Monday’s committee meeting is at the Town Hall and is due to begin at 2pm.