Pond turned a deeper shade of blue in a bid to improve it

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Scarborough residents were left bewildered this week when they noticed one of the town’s dirty ponds had turned a bright shade of blue.

The “disgusting” state of the pond in West Square, which forms the centrepiece to the gardens opposite the train station, has sparked anger in the past due to the bad impression it gives visitors.

However, it has now been dyed blue by Scarborough Council in an effort to improve the pond and ensure it develops to its full potential.

Steve Reynolds, the council’s environment and countryside manager, said: “The addition of non-harmful blue dye is an important part of our pond management process. The dye is added to the water to hide the fish from the gulls until a time when the plants have grown and established sufficiently enough to create hiding places for the fish. The blue dye will disappear naturally over time.”

The move is likely to please nearby residents, who have complained about the pond’s abandoned appearance and broken fountains, which haven’t worked for more than a year. In March, homeowners complained that it was full of grey, cloudy water and rubbish, including cans, a traffic cone and a car wheel trim.

Jeff Farley, who runs Ivy Dene in West Square, told The Scarborough News: You only get a first impression once and this should be a jewel in Scarborough’s crown. It’s one of the first things people see.”