‘Quiet thuds’ as energy firm carries out land surveys

Sound waves are to be sent underground on the outskirts of Scarborough as an energy firm carries out surveys in the area.

Viking UK Gas Ltd, a subsidiary of Third Energy Ltd, will be undertaking a geophysical survey in an area west of Scarborough from mid to late September.

The survey, which will be carried out by specialists TESLA Exploration International Limited, involves sending sound waves into the earth and then measuring their echoes using sophisticated monitoring equipment to build up a picture of the geology of the area.

The survey should not cause any inconvenience to local residents, although when surveying in a particular area a quiet thud may occasionally be heard or there may be some low level noise for a few minutes as the vibrator trucks pass any given point.

John Dewar, general manager at Viking UK Gas Ltd said: “We will be using a number of different seismic surveying techniques including specialised vehicles known as Vibroseis units and small seismic sources loaded in a hole will be used to generate the sound waves.

“The sound waves travel into the earth and are reflected back by the various geological layers. By measuring the speed at which sound waves are returned, we can build up a picture of what is beneath the surface.

“The process is similar in principle to the sonar method used by trawlers to find fish.”

Mr Dewar continued “This type of survey is regularly carried out across the UK and it is very straightforward.

“It has previously been carried out in the North York Moors National Park and the Vale of Pickering.

“We will only be surveying on land where the owners have given us prior permission and we will be sending a leaflet to all households in the area to let them know what is happening.

“We will also be hosting a public exhibition if people would like to come along and find out more about the survey.”

The public exhibition will be held at Downe Arms Hotel, in Wykeham on Thursday, September 20 between 2pm and 8pm. More information is also available at the Third Energy website.