Reassurance from RSPB over drop in bird sightings

THE RSPB has moved to reassure gardeners who are worried that birds seem to be disappearing.

The wildlife charity is assuring people that it’s perfectly normal for their garden visitors to go further afield to look for food, moult their worn feathers and grow new ones for the next few weeks, while the weather is still mild and natural food is abundant.

Claire Thomas, from the RSPB’s Wildlife Enquiries team says: “We are getting lots of calls from people that think they are somehow responsible for their lack of garden birds. It’s understandable that after so many weeks of frantic activity, people wonder what’s wrong when they seem to disappear.

“But garden birds are ‘out to dinner’ – there is plenty of food available in hedgerows, fields and trees so they don’t need our hospitality at the moment.

“And don’t worry, they will be back soon, but while it’s quiet take the opportunity to clean your tables and feeders ready for the winter.

“In a few weeks they will be back with a vengeance and will be desperate for our help once more.”

However, some species do stick around gardens all year, so the RSPB suggests leaving out a small amount of food and water.