Review into 7,000 tonne waste dump

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THE QUESTION of how 7,000 tonnes of waste came to be dumped on a Scarborough field without permission may finally be answered.

Scarborough Council’s environment scrutiny committee is today set to appoint a task group to examine the illegal dumping during a one-day review.

Lorry loads of building waste, from a nearby Yorkshire Coast Homes development, were taken to a field at the Rosevale Caravan Park in Sandybed in June and dumped.

A notice was issued to Yorkshire Coast Homes, contractor Bramall Construction and land owner Salvadore King, ordering an end to the dumping. The waste was subsequently crushed by a machine as steps were taken to remove it.

Cllr John Ritchie, who has led calls for a review, said: “I’m delighted that this inquiry is going ahead. We need to get to the bottom of this, and if that means asking difficult questions then so be it.”

Both Bramall Construction and Yorkshire Coast Homes welcomed news of the review and said they believed they had acted properly.

Dave Booth, commercial director at Bramall Construction, said: “As one of the partners involved in the project at Sandybed, we are more than happy to work with the council’s task group to provide all the details they require in relation to our working practices and those of our subcontractors.

“We are confident that we have followed all the correct processes and procedures. However, we are always open to suggestions as to how our working practices could be improved, and therefore welcome the council’s review.”

Bill Miller, director of operations at Yorkshire Coast Homes, said: “We have been given assurances that our contractors worked under correct procedures.”