Sea Life work is praised

SCARBOROUGH Sea Life Centre has been applauded for its role in helping bring the United States into the battle to halt illegal whaling by Iceland.

The Sanctuary and its sister Sea Life attractions across Europe have been persuading people to boycott seafood from Iceland, because the main supplier is also involved in whaling.

Sea Life’s campaign partner the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society says Sea Life has played a big part in its campaign to persuade the US Secretary of Commerce to recommend trade sanctions against Iceland.

Lyndsey Crawford, Displays Curator. said: “We launched a campaign to recruit young whaling detectives to help persuade supermarkets, restaurants and others to boycott fish from Iceland.

“We also helped raise awareness generally of the fact that Iceland has killed 280 endangered fin whales and 186 minke whales since it resumed whaling in 2006, in spite of an international ban.”