Surveys for Spa sea defences work


GEOTECHNICAL surveys will be taking place in Scarborough’s South Bay this month to provide information for the study into a multi-million pound scheme to improve the sea defences around Scarborough’s Spa complex.

The investigations into the ground conditions will be carried out on the beach, in front of the sea wall by the Spa Complex, and will involve digging small holes on the beach to determine the depth to the bed rock underneath the sand and taking samples. The sand will be replaced after the samples have been taken. The work is expected to take less than a week and disruption for beach users will be kept to a minimum.

The sea walls around the Spa complex were built over a hundred years ago and protect the Spa complex, the cliffs and the Esplanade above the Spa.

The walls are deteriorating due to their age and require works to stabilise them to ensure their ongoing performance. Any works proposed by this ongoing study would also try to reduce the amount of wave overtopping that occurs around the Spa sea wall.